Chocolate Lab: An Elegant Extension of Recchiuti Brand

Michael and Jacky Recchiuti, who own the Recchiuti Confections and Little Nib chocolate shops, opened their first sweet and savory café, Chocolate Lab, in the former Piccino restaurant space in Dogpatch on Nov. 16. The menu incorporates light meal offerings like charcuterie and cheese plates and tartines with wine (French, Italian, and Russian River Valley), and flights of chocolate and ice cream concoctions. It's a sophisticated environment that belies how much youthful decadence is available here.

While Chocolate Lab would be a nice place to visit in the afternoon, it's also conveniently open until 11 on Friday and Saturday nights. There are tables that can seat up to five people, as well as a large communal table and counter seating.

Being Recchiuti groupies, we had to visit the Lab on the first day of service and flood our table with both savory and sweet options in the name of research. Each was presented with elegance and simple, powerful flavors. The cheese plate included whimsical selections such as the espresso-rubbed Barely Buzzed cheese from Beehive Dairy, and honey made from the Recchiutis' own bees. A tall float held layers of extra bitter chocolate sauce, chocolate malt ice cream, and cream soda (which can be substituted for root beer); it proved hard to daintily sip through a straw and needed to be quickly guzzled.

Head here for some serious chocolate-on-chocolate action.
Douglas Zimmerman
Head here for some serious chocolate-on-chocolate action.

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Chocolate Lab

801 22nd St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

Category: Restaurant > Dessert

Region: Mission/ Bernal Heights

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The sauce appeared again in containers to pour over a pleasingly soft and fudgy brownie and the Lab's masterpiece of an ice cream sundae, served with burnt caramel ice cream, chocolate-covered peanut butter pearls, burnt caramel hazelnuts and almonds, and four torched marshmallows. And even though it was a flavor that appeared in every dessert ordered, we never tired of it and emptied each one faithfully.

This is the kind of place where you can sip wine at the same time as you pig out with abandon like the adult child you are.

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