Be There and Be Square

What do paper planes, sewers, and blood have in common? Not a lot, under normal circumstances. However, all three topics are covered for 18-21 minutes at Nerd Nite, an informal celebration of random knowledge that usually involves just enough fun facts to inform, but not enough to overwhelm, almost always aided by a multimedia presentation. If it sounds like any old lecture, let us step it up a notch: There’s a bar. Drinking and learning are finally working for you, instead of against you. Tonight, John “the paper airplane guy” Collins exposes the dark underbelly of the extreme paper airplane community, a subject he knows a bit about as the world record-holder for paper airplane distance. Wastewater Enterprise, part of the San Francisco Utilities Commission, details what it takes to operate and maintain 933 miles of combined sewers, not to mention three treatment plants. We’re most excited about Ahnika Kline, Ph.D., who is first going to frighten us by discussing blood shortages, and then explore the options available to different types, including something that sounds borrowed from a Philip K. Dick novel: In labs across the country, (probably not) mad scientists are looking into a “universal blood,” as in blood any type can receive. DJ Alpha Bravo spins tunes inspired by the evening’s topics, and a tasty food truck is usually parked outside.
Wed., Dec. 19, 7 p.m., 2012

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