Paddle Up, Y'all

You've probably played ping pong, the miniature version of tennis once seen only in frat houses and summer camps, but has since found its appropraite place in the limelight, with help from Forrest Gump and the Olympics. But with Berlin-style ping pong, we are asked to, as the Germans never say, "sample a lederhosen of a different variety." Berlin-style ping pong takes as many people as can fit around a table, gives them all a paddle, and allows them one shot to volley the ball across the net. If they nail it, they move out of the way and rejoin the circle. If flub it, they're out, until only one person is left, reaping all the glory that can be mustered from group ping pong. Now take the awesomeness of that and add foosball, skeeball, drink specials, rickshaws for cuddling, and dance karaoke on top of it. Did your head just 'splode? No? Then also add DJ Purple, the sax-wielding karaoke maestro who's so good he makes SNL's Sexy Sax Man seem like Stuart Smalley! The karaoke part of the evening is relatively new, but Allan Hough, founder and MissionMission blogger, says, "In our 18 months of throwing Berlin-style ping pong parties, Singin' and Pingin' had by far the highest attendance." Hough also says the honor of singing while pinging has yet to be conquered, which is a challenge we can't not accept.
Fri., Dec. 21, 8 p.m., 2012

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