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Cut the Music
And the commercial crap: Rae Alexandra is partially right about the Coldplay effect ["Hate the Killers? Music, 12/5]. Except that it's that both bands released albums in which they tried to become late 1980s U2 (X&Y, Sam's Town), failing wildly while releasing songs ("Fix You"/ "When You Were Young") that were both ubiquitous and absolutely insufferable. I can still enjoy my first two Coldplay albums and my first Killers album, but as far as I'm concerned, both bands went down in the same plane crash after these albums were released.


In It For the Girls
Formerly metal dubstep musicians are still hormonal: Folks like Bassnectar and Skrillex will say they got into it for the music and not to get girls; however, when screamo and metal quickly became a sausage fest, they were quick to become DJs and computer dance music "producers" ["Bass Instincts," Ian S. Port, feature, 12/5]. The problem is they brought all the testosterone from metal and left out all the sexiness of dance music, which is why it sounds like some nerdy boys making epic computer game music.


Blog Comments of the Week
Anniversary of environmental disaster is cause for reflection: Thanks to SF Weekly and Joe Eskenazi for acknowledging that Dec. 5 marked 60 years since the one of the worst environmental disasters of the 20th century ["London Killer Fog: Sixty Years Ago Today, Thousands Died," the Snitch, 12/5]. It is a sad commentary that virtually no other news source in America did the same; instead, people were told stories of the pending royal baby. What it says about media, ourselves, or both, is not a good harbinger of where society may be heading. God help everyone if they don't pay more attention to the past and the future — they will need it.


Man hit with bear spray is lucky it wasn't any worse: When a person is committing a crime he should expect the possibility of it going bad ["Noe Valley Woman Bear-Sprays Alleged Package Thief," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 11/28]. Getting sprayed is probably better than many other results.


School's out for Alice Cooper: There's plenty of music like [the types] Alice Cooper is talking about ["Alice Cooper: Rock Bands Need More Testosterone and Fewer Beards," Ian S. Port, All Shook Down, 11/27]. It just isn't what media outlets like Pitchfork choose to champion. And since there is so much music out there — well, there you go! Alice could easily rectify this by taking acts that are not legacies or revivals with him on tour. How about Trophy Wives or Tilts opening for Alice Cooper or something? Why not?


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