This Year, for Real

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The Booksmith

1644 Haight
San Francisco, CA 94117

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Region: Haight/ Fillmore

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Like humans, we Night+Day entries sometimes give in to bad habits. We indulge in purple prose, we exceed our word counts, we (occasionally) write beyond our ken. And for a whole year, we're covering drag shows and parties, movies, art shows, and theater productions that are mostly all thinly veiled screeds about the human libido, which …ah, but there we go again. The point here is supposed to be that Night+Day entries, like humans, try and turn over a resolution or two in the new year, and so here is ours: to offer up an event that debauches not even a little, but instead recommends sober financial consideration. We speak of JoAnneh Nagler and her book, The Debt-Free Spending Plan. Nagler is suggesting that debt is bad news, but (being a histrionic sort), let us suggest that it's a road to apocalypse, and so maybe spending the five minutes a day required of her lessons isn't a terrible idea. We and our kind will fall off the wagon and resume recommendations for phallocentric bake sales soon enough; we're only ink and paper. But you, human -- you should really take this life more seriously.
Tue., Jan. 8, 7:30 p.m., 2013

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