M.Y. China: S.F.'s Most Expensive Dim Sum

We live in a magical land called the Sunset, where delicious dim sum dumplings can be had for 50 cents apiece, so paying $18 for five is definitely a seismic shift. That's the price of the pork and black truffle juicy dumplings at M.Y. China, which opened Dec. 3 in the Westfield Centre.

We felt that we made an educated decision to order this outrageous item, knowing that the owners have sterling pedigrees with Chinese food as a whole and dim sum in particular: We grew up watching Martin Yan on his wonderful '80s food show, Yan Can Cook, and his partners in this venture, Ronny and Willy Ng, are behind the insanely delicious Koi Palace restaurant in Daly City. There was a very strong chance that they would be delicious.

And they certainly are lovely, served elegantly in the Shanghai soup dumpling style with weighty ceramic spoons. The minced pork centers are studded with black truffles rather than flecked, a generous part of the composition here. The truffles perfume each bite and flavor the broth inside the dumplings, which is also generous. There is nothing sadder than losing all of the liquid inside a Shanghai soup dumpling (especially when you've been informed of the proper way to eat them), but this isn't a problem here.

This isn't a cheap place by any stretch of the imagination, but luckily, not everything is as pricey as these dumplings. Still, they're worth trying once as a fun splurge. After eating them and a few other very solid items on the menu, we'll eagerly return to the restaurant for further exploration.

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Nothing wrong with Chinese cooking clipping tourists and swells, just like many other ethnic cuisines, and it looks beautiful. But 18 dolla' fo' soup dumpling? I better contemplate changing religions, they soooo good, sooo good! I mean, I can get transcendental dim sum for far less, with easier parking, so these need to be a life changing experience, right?

Who am I kidding, I'll try it someday, likely a New Year day.The setting, is again, awesome.and the pedigree is flawless. Sigh, when oh when will my IPO come in? :)

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