Whole-istic Business

Many of us who call this expensive city home spend nearly all of our income on rent. This leaves us with little cash leftover, besides a few bucks for essentials, like food (and beer). And if you’re like many in San Francisco who are concerned about the food they consume, then you might occasionally drop part of your “whole paycheck” at Whole Foods. With locations popping up all over the city, most recently in Ingleside and the Haight with a soon-to-be-opened location at Market and Dolores, it’s safe to say we San Franciscans are contributing to the company’s rapid takeover of the organic grocery scene. You’ve got to hand it to Whole Foods, though; it’s carved out quite a niche in the health food market, and for that you can thank CEO John Mackey. He recently co-authored a book, Conscious Capitalism, in which he discusses the company’s holistic and eco-friendly business plan in today’s competitive market, where success depends on more than just profits. Mackey urges corporations to focus not just on money, but on the emotional, ecological, and spiritual purposes of business.
Tue., Jan. 22, 6 p.m., 2013

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