A Comedy Mecca

For lovers of laughter, the next few weeks (Jan. 24-Feb. 10) will be an orgy of hilarity filling every crevice of this city, from prestigious museums to dingy video store basements. Inventive and inspired, the 12th annual Sketchfest offers everything from competitive erotic fan fiction to improvised Shakespeare onstage, with festival highlights including Bruce “The Chin” Campbell, Animal House director John Landis, and Pootie Tang himself. But don’t be surprised to see cast members from Saturday Night Live, The Colbert Report, the original Office, and 30 Rock staggering through the streets, ripe from games of Berlin-style ping pong and British-style debating squad. But what about the San Francisco effete, afraid to smile in public for fear of losing his jaded edge? Part 2 of Sketchfest’s three-part “Reggidency” is just your ticket. Because you can’t get better indie cred than the mind-blowing, startlingly poignant, radically hip musical storytelling of Reggie Watts. Unite him with Michael Winslow, master of 10,000 vocal effects (you may know his collaboration with turntablist DJ Yoda or the Police Academy series) -- and you’ve got a Sound Effects Summit sure to curl your Adidas Campus sneakers. For more Sketchfest coverage, be sure to visit our arts blog, the Exhibitionist.
Mon., Jan. 28, 8 p.m., 2013

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