More Than Fine Arts

The Presidio is filled with some of the strangest wonders of San Francisco — ancient forts, Lucasfilm outposts, labyrinths, gravestones for deceased pets — and the Legion of Honor is no exception. The unusual neoclassical architecture of the museum alone makes it worth a visit, and its views of the city and the ocean aren’t to be missed, either. Somehow, many San Franciscans have never visited it, except perhaps to pose for their wedding portraits. However, the museum houses the city’s most comprehensive collection of classic artwork, including painting, sculpture, and photography. Current exhibitions include an exploration of our relationships with animals from the Paleolithic Era to the present day, and lavish artifacts from the reigns of the French monarchs Louis XIV to Marie-Antoinette. There’s also a guy playing the organ in the sculpture gallery on weekend afternoons, an extensive library of prints and drawings that can be visited with advance notice, and a cute café where you can grab a drink or a quick bite. Take advantage of the free admission today (and the first Tuesday of every month) to experience the glamour and mystery of the museum.
Tue., Feb. 5, 2013

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