Rites and Wrongs of Passage

To a generation growing up during the David Zucker era of Airplane!and The Naked Gunslapstick, those films were an education on absurdity, but also on the play of language and the weirdness of our culture. Why did they wear giant rubber tubes for the love scene? Was “jive” really a dialect? Who the hell is Shirley? For those of us raised not by an inclusive and loving community but by pop culture, this was some real indoctrination. Now The Naked Gun is 25 and a venerable part of American history, and it’s being honored as any good bit of history — by dissection. As part of SF Sketchfest, The Naked Gun: 25th Anniversary Screening recalls the adventures of beloved Det. Lt. Frank Drebin (played by beloved late actor Leslie Nielsen) as he investigates a plot against Queen Elizabeth II. This screening sees the great man himself, director Zucker, sit down with co-screenwriter Pat Proft (of Police Academyfame) and the woman who inspired Drebin to don a full-body condom, Priscilla Presley. They gather and tell an audience, many of whom they remotely raised, how we did and did not correctly interpret their greatest work. It’s a way of knowing who we are, at last.
Sat., Feb. 9, 1 p.m., 2013

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