The World's a Stage

A Turk, a Brazilian, and a Slav walk onto an empty stage. Far from being the setup of a joke, this is the debut of "Dance and Diaspora," an annual program that showcases the work of ODC’s world dance faculty. ODC’s first jaunt brings together the work of Jill Parker and Tania Santiago. Parker, an original member of Fat Chance Belly Dance, co-directs her Foxglove Sweethearts in Unfolding, with Stephanie Fields. Parker and Fields have blended traditional raqs sharqi with the Charleston, so anything might happen. Live accompaniment for Unfolding is performed by Balkan and Turkish folk music ensemble MWE. But Santiago’s Aguas Da Bahia Dance Company dances to the beat of its own tumbadora. For Movendo con Capoeira, which explores the elegant athleticism of the Brazilian martial art, Aguas follows tradition in providing musicians from its own ranks to accompany tonight's eight dancers. Santiago, who is locally famous for her workshops that culminate at Carnaval, is still best known back home as a leading light of Olodum, the cultural group credited for developing samba reggae in Brazil. So the sound of the “Diaspora” is likely to be as pleasurable as its sights. A post-performance party with food and live music follows.
Feb. 22-23, 8 p.m., 2013

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