V2: Take the T-Line for Amazing Africa Fries

The T train can feel like the red brick road that Dorothy never followed out of Munchkinland. Beyond the Dogpatch, where does it go?

Newly open in a bare-bones spot on Leland Avenue, V2 — as in "V-Squared" — is a trek for a lot of folks, but anyone in pursuit of an excellent, inexpensive burger should make a pilgrimage for the half- or quarter-pound option, in beef or a house-made vegetable patty. Throw some bacon or avocado over those thick-sliced onions and you may want to unhinge your jaw to consume it whole.

Not unlike some super-secret menu item at In-N-Out that only the elite know about and that can only be ordered when the moon is waxing gibbous, the Africa Fries are the proverbial heart attack on a plate. Covered with fried onions, ketchup, berbere mayo, and lots of cheese, they're an addicting combination of sweet and savory and must be eaten with a fork.

Location Info


V2 Burger

167 Leland Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94134

Category: Restaurant > Burgers

Region: Bayview-Hunters Point

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Sure, there isn't a lot of seating and you need to ask for a napkin, but if you're a burger fiend who considers keeping a meal below $10 while becoming very full a victory, you have a new place to conquer lunch.

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