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At the age of 90, Henry Brant won the Pulitzer Prize in Music for "Ice Field," a "spatial narrative" requiring 100 players spread throughout a grand hall. The composition invoked Brant's experience as a 13-year-old kid aboard a ship traveling through a maze of glaciers. The Pulitzer jury, which has been known to withhold their award when they found no major work worthy, called it "a grand vision." Other Minds saw it. They gave Brant the commission. For nearly 20 years, OM has been the West Coast's channel for outsider music. Audio adventurers from around the world explore OM's atypical aesthetic through a weekly radio show and massive online archive, but those here at base camp get to taste the real deal. Other Minds Festival 18 opens with Hindustani classical music master G.S. Sachdev and Gáman, an intrepid Scandinavian folk trio that performs music from the remote Faroe Islands. Other festival highlights include the world premiere of ARA by Korean-American performance artist Dohee Lee utilizing the newly invented Eye Harp; the U.S. premiere of Sinew0od, an audio/visual work by Mattias Petersson which requires a bass recorder stuffed with contact mics; and a collaboration between electroacoustic installation artist Paula Matthusen and our own Pamela Z.
Thu., Feb. 28, 7 p.m.; March 1-2, 7 p.m., 2013

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