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Pier 15

698 The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94111

Category: Attractions and Amusement Parks

Region: Embarcadero

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We were happy when trucks revolutionized food, but when are trucks going to revolutionize art? Well, how about this weekend? The Exploratorium opens its new digs remotely, from the backs of trucks in various points around town, with today’s extravaganza On the Move. Ten trucks, to be precise, centered in three locations and filled with chunks of popular exhibits, like art cars (the Nautilus!), per-formances (Cuicacalli!) and music (El Radio Fantastique!), odd pedal-y things (Fun Bike Unicorn Club), the obligatory mobile pinball trailer (Pacific Pinball Museum), motorized miniature horses (we swear!), and much more (food trucks). As for what the Exploratorium is hauling around in those vehicles, the museum brings its A game: How about a truck with a bioluminescent theme and glowing worms? How about one filled with sodium vapor lamps and monochromatic light, which you navigate with a flashlight to reveal hidden colors? There are also mobile versions of favorite exhibits, like “Colored Shadows,” “Paint with Light,” “Giant Chair,” and “Turbulent Orb.” If you haven’t stopped by the Exploratorium in a while, now you don’t have to.
Sun., March 10, 11 a.m., 2013

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