Thank You, Mr. Roboto

What makes a good cocktail? Fresh ingredients, quality booze, a semi-autonomous artificial agent guided by electronic circuitry? At BarBot 13, the annual festival of cocktail robotics and mechanical socializing, you can find out yourself as you’re served drinks by robot bartenders, some of which are not only capable of measuring vermouth, but are also programmed with snarky commentary. Previous repartee has included lines like, “Hey, have you ever dated a robot before? I used to date a vacuum cleaner. It sucked.” With past robots such as the iLush, the arm-wrestling Barnold, and The Cosmobot, (its creators are attempting to program it to mix drinks in zero gravity), even if your drinks fall flat, it’s guaranteed the entertainment factor won’t. On top of robot mixology, artificial musicians are on hand tonight to put you in the groove (and put your iPod to shame). Lest you be concerned that Johnny 5 is going to screw up your precious appletini, fear not — human bartenders are also in the house and making drinks for comparison.
Fri., March 1, 8 p.m., 2013

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