Asked why Muni has no interest in such a policy, Rose says, "We are a city-funded public transit system that is meant to provide a public service for those who live, work, and visit San Francisco." Public officials are understandably touchy about booting the neediest riders off transit. Sacramento's Lonergan notes that he was unable to convince the Assembly to include serial fare-evasion as one of the crimes that could induce banishment from a transit agency: "The legislative will wasn't there."

It's not here, either. "Anytime you try to hold people accountable for their behavior, there are some people who yell very loudly about that. That's part of San Francisco politics," says Supervisor Scott Wiener. "People who repeatedly break the law on Muni — I believe Muni should have the option of banning them from transit, at least for a period."

Those befouling Muni vehicles likely aren't on the bus because their Bentley is in the shop. Muni's refusal to cast them unto the streets demonstrates what's best about San Francisco. But it also demonstrates what's worst. By coddling the system's most problematic users, it ensures misery for all.

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publish their names and faces if you have photos they have no reasonable expectation of privacy


I just love how people love to complain about 'public urination and defecation" when there are no public restrooms, and it's not just "the homeless" who have no options but to let it fly.  You can thank DiFi for beginning the shutdowns of all public restrooms and public showers, and producing "bumproof" bus shelters.  She couldn't get rid of all the poor and all the blue collar jobs fast enough, and her policies have been amplified by later mayors.  Ya know, if you don't like people pissing where they shouldn't, open up some restrooms.  Tired of seeing people on the streets?  Well, give 'em someplace to go, and something to do.  What services exist are totally inadequate for what is needed.  Causality, people, it does tend to rip you a new one if you ignore it. 

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