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Muni's Absurd Plan
Reader is curious why this story isn't bigger news: What a debacle and waste of taxpayer money ["Boring Stories," Joe Eskenazi, news, 2/27]. And why is Eskenazi the only investigative reporter in this entire town? The Chronicle just reports on press releases from City Hall. The Bay Guardian just writes about taxing everything and how wonderful everything public is and how horrible everything private is. It's sad that SF Weekly is the only newspaper in town that investigates how our tax dollars are wasted.


Kink.com is No Playboy
Reader raises further questions about Kink.com: Peter Acworth is no Hugh Hefner; Hefner has built his own brand and has maintained control of the content ["Gag Order," Kate Conger, feature, 2/20]. How much of Kink's revenue is sites Kink buys? [This article has] the stories from people who worked at Kink, but when Kink buys fetish sites, it then owns [those sites'] content. Does Acworth know about the work conditions at the network sites? If not, how can he claim all the content is "ethical"?


Blog Comments of the Week
An S.F. resident still thinks S.F is the best: 1. One can live in S.F. very easily without a car. Who needs parking ["Seven Reasons Oakland Is Cooler Than We Thought," Devin Holt, the Exhibitionist, 2/25]? 2. I wouldn't chose to live in a city based on hip-hop. 3. Burgers? Really? 4. S.F. has lots of neighborhoods that have homes with yards. My Mission District yard is quite roomy. 5. S.F. is the king of cheap thrills. 6. Lots of cool art galleries in S.F.'s neighborhoods. S.F. is not just Union Square. 7. I love me some fog spreading its silky fingers over my beautiful city. Sorry, S.F. rules.


An Oakland resident disagrees with the list: Wrong! Everyone is getting murdered here and there's poop everywhere! [San Francisco residents] please stop moving here and raising my rent. S.F.ers should stay in S.F., and Google employees should live in San Jose.


Occasional unplugging sounds like a good idea: Hilarious suggestions, and people should start with looking at where they are going and listening to the birds in the spring; it's definitely better then watching Nova ["National Day of Unplugging: 5 Things You Can Do Instead of Stalking People on Facebook," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 2/26]. And instead of almost being hit by a bus, a person gets to see that incredibly good-looking person standing next to him.


Imagining a bike-friendly Market Street: I'd suggest that the traffic be separated ["Hey Cyclists, What Kind of City Do You Want?" Ben Christopher, the Snitch, 2/22]. Market Street should only be for pedestrians, mass transit, and emergency and non-motor vehicles. The lanes are all over the place and weird; driving Market Street takes forever and I recommend against it. I think there needs to be some well-chosen streets elsewhere in the city like this as well. At the same time, non-motor vehicles would be banned on certain streets, and such a ban would be strictly enforced. I don't agree with moving mass transit off of Market.


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