Ryan Hemsworth: Show Preview

Doing just one thing well doesn't work anymore. The access that fans now have to artists has changed what's expected of them, and requires depth of output, a dynamic frontage, and stylistic mobility. In only a few short years, Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth has proven himself in all these areas. It's not enough that he's a talented composer in his own right; his tremendous Last Words EP, released on Wedidit last year, showed his ability to make instrumental hip-hop that stands alone. He's also been supporting little-known rappers for years: His work with Oakland's Green Ova family stretches back to 2009. In addition, Hemsworth has proven himself as a skilled remix artist. Recent edits, bootlegs, and full-on revamps of Frank Ocean, Rhye, Cat Power, and Lana Del Rey songs have demonstrated his precision maintaining a track's essence while still administering significant enhancements. And for a final point, Hemsworth throws down one of the best DJ sets in the game — no wonder he's such a quickly rising star.

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