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Funding Ideas
Entrepreneurs should take note: How exciting, I hope all those young entrepreneurs out there are taking notes ["Venturing Onward," Ian Joulain, News, 3/20]. Hopefully all those bright, ambitious young people with great products will make it into investor Ray Bradford's office. When I was young, someone believed in my dream and gave me an opportunity to prove myself.


Chimichurri No-No
Sandwiches at Caña aren't purely Cuban: I am Cuban/Puerto Rican and would love to have a restaurant that is authentic and truly caters to either of these beautiful, exotic, and flavorful Caribbean cuisines without deviating too much from the original versions ["Ironing Out Old Clothes," Anna Roth, Eat, 3/20]. First, a no-no: a traditional Cuban steak sandwich does not have chimichurri sauce; chimichurri sauce is Argentinean. There's a lot of fusion of different cuisines and it's all good, but sometimes it's unnecessary to re-invent the wheel.


Blog Comments of the Week
Bigger isn't always better: This is an absolutely terrible, no-good idea ["City Rules 'Remodeling' 850-Square-Foot House to 5,139 Square Feet Is A-Okay," Joe Eskenazi, The Snitch, 3/21]. The people that approved this are completely out of touch with the real world; they must all be trust-fund babies.


Sarcasm about loss of urban farm not lost on us: Thank goodness that eco-friendly sustainable community nightmare will be razed to the ground so developers can build million-dollar micro-apartments for 22-year-old Googlers to swoop into before they finally leave the city in five years to raise their kids in Marin ["Hayes Valley Farm to Close by June 1," Anna Roth, SFoodie, 3/18]. Nothing better than luxury apartments where once there was productivity! Yay for Google!


On current course, nobody wins: Real problem here ["Symphony Timpanist David Herbert Explains Why He's Ditching S.F. for Chicago Orchestra," Kate Conger, The Snitch, 3/14] is that both symphony players and the management are living under a performance and management paradigm that is 100 years old. And if they keep this up, they will destroy the classical music experience. The players will be out of work, and management will follow. They must come to grips with what the audience wants in this day and age. And they must learn how to make a living serving their customers, not just serving their own selfish needs. They both think they can just "tough" it out, and everything will be okay. They are in for some lean years ahead if they don't get their heads out of that legendary dark space.


In "Switched Off," [News, 3/20], we misspelled Supervisor Katy Tang's name. SF Weekly regrets the error.

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