Roup sometimes finds himself embroiled in that discussion, even though he's quick to distinguish VigLink from sleazier models that encourage bloggers to lard their sites with crap. Because VigLink only pays content creators after a user makes a purchase, he says, there's not much reason to blindly name-check products in hope of driving more traffic. "Simply using us won't make worthless content worth something," he adds.

Roup describes VigLink as a morally agnostic "technology enabler," meaning it should bring in cash without shaping content.

Still, there's something unsettling about the "natural" flow of content to commerce. It might make some readers nostalgic for the days when ads were big, tawdry, blocky things, and blogs were a profit-losing operation. And never the twain would meet.

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Anthony J. Fabry
Anthony J. Fabry

..and all this time ...those commercial induced stupors navigated commerce ?... wow ...we're finally getting a brighter bunch ... it must have been the sobriety seeking xylophone punch ... that annoyed and bored everyone into a purchased restaurant lunch ...


Just to add some context, affiliate marketing has been around for a long time, and there are plenty of other affiliate networks (Commission Junction, LinkShare, Pepperjam ) that anyone can join to make money. Referly also made an entry into this market a little while ago, but has pivoted. VigLinks isn't doing anything new as far as I can tell, only convincing you they are.


@skemptastic Oliver D from VigLink here. First, it's just VigLink (no "s"). What's new about VigLink is that we automate the laborious process of signing up for and actually using individual affiliate programs. So sure, you can sign up for any or all of the existing affiliate programs. But when it comes time to write the blog post, code the app, share something on Twitter, or monetize a forum you could spend all day just getting the hard coded links up. With VigLink, it's once and done. Use our snippet of code or call our API and all the existing links on the page or in the app are automatically affiliated. We do this for %s. Or, just let us do the linking - if we detect mentions of products, brands, or stores, we can automatically insert relevant links. Add to all this our competitive rates, and affiliate marketers, bloggers, app developers, etc find they earn far more using VigLink than they would by doing it the old fashioned way.

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