WhipOut Truck: Whipping Up Tasty Sides

We're suckers for sliders. Maybe it's because they look like cute baby hamburgers, or perhaps because they cast an illusion of eating less (except you end up eating more of them, like those diabolical miniature Reese's Peanut Butter Cups). The combination of bite-size burgers and the truck's first appearance in San Francisco two Fridays ago got us in line at the WhipOut truck.

The sliders ($5 for one, $9 for two, $13 for three, with seven choices) were good, with the namesake WhipOut (beef chuck patty, smoked cheddar, pickle, romaine, pickled onion) and Split-Pea Fritter Slider (brown rice, garbanzo, and split pea fritter dressed with a mild Serrano relish, garlic aioli, and raw mustard greens) being the standouts of the bunch. Surprisingly, sides were the items that whipped it. Whipped it good.

A small tub of Beans & Greens ($3, garlic braised chard, pinto beans, roasted tomato, house-smoked bacon) had small tiles of crisp bacon that were flavorful without being salty, pungent with garlic, and seriously satisfying. The beans were cooked until tender, but not mushy, and the chard was supple with added texture from the crunchy leafy greens' ribs.

Beans & Greens are garnished with tiles of glistening bacon at the WhipOut Truck.
Lou Bustamante
Beans & Greens are garnished with tiles of glistening bacon at the WhipOut Truck.


The BBQ Fries ($3, shoestring fries, truck rub spice mix, garlic, parsley) tasted like a wonderful cross between barbecue potato chips and garlic fries. The fries were so generously dusted in the smoky, salty, and sweet coating, we found ourselves licking our fingers at the end and sprinkling the remaining magic dust on everything we could get our hands on.

Warning: It makes everything delicious — kind of like beer goggles for your mouth.

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