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Center for Sex & Culture

1349 Mission
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Region: South of Market

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When porn star Harry Reems got sober and got God, we were sure he would bury his stage name. But, even as a successful real estate agent in Utah, Reems was no hypocrite, nor did he have any misgivings about his place in history. Arrested on obscenity charges for his role in Deep Throat, Reems proudly stood in a rarefied group of American entertainers including Paul Reubens and Lenny Bruce. He could also claim that he helped make porn chic. Or at least middle class — both Johnny Carson and Bob Hope worked Deep Throat into their routines. Make no mistake, though; Reems was an equal opportunity player. During the same year he made The Devil in Miss Jones, which was compared to Sartre’s No Exit in Variety, he also made the grindhouse horror Forced Entry, which intercut real Vietnam War footage with sadistic rape and murder scenes. When Reems died of cancer at a VA hospital this March (yes, he was actually a Marine), he left behind a wife of 20 years and a very long legacy, which included about 140 porno features, and dozens of stags. So you know there are stories! Tonight, at a public memorial, colleagues Annie Sprinkle, CJ Laing, Jerry Heath, and Richard Pacheco will share and celebrate.
Sun., April 14, 7 p.m., 2013

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