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In 1980, Stanley Kubrick made the legendary horror film The Shining. All these years later, the film continues to inspire speculation — including plenty of conspiracy theo-ries. Room 237, a new documentary by Rodney Ascher, does its best to explore those theories. All of them. But what happens when you succeed at exploring all the conspiracy theories around a film that was already about going crazy? Room 237 brings together footage from the Kubrick film with interviews of people who believe things like, for example, that Kubrick made this film to apologize for his role in faking footage of the moon landing. Some of these interviewees have reasonable creden-tials, like the Albion College professor who’s sure that The Shining is about the Holocaust. Ultimately, though, what’s more exciting than the individual theories them-selves is seeing them all together, and coming face to face with the degree of creativity that great art can itself inspire.
April 19-25, 2013

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