"Trance": Danny Boyle Follows Up the Olympics

Directing the opening ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics cemented Danny Boyle's position as England's top director, trusted to be his country's ambassador to the world. If that spectacle was intended to celebrate all things British — James Bond and the Queen jumping out of a helicopter! Harry Potter! Single-payer health care! — then it's only fitting that Boyle's new movie, Trance, is his first to be set in Her Majesty's realm since 2004's Millions. The England of Trance is sleek and neon-drenched, a multicultural city of danger, excitement, and the promise of full-frontal nudity by Rosario Dawson. The story is gleefully silly, concerning an art heist gone wrong and the efforts by French mobster Franck (Vincent Cassel) and American hypnotherapist Elizabeth (Dawson) to discover where British amnesiac Simon (James McAvoy) has hidden the loot. There are traces of Christopher Nolan's Inception and Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects, but where the latter film displayed a director bored with the whole filmmaking process, Boyle is clearly still having fun, and is making the most of his blank check while it lasts. His ear for pop music still has perfect pitch, as Trance calls dibs on Moby's "The Day" every bit as much as Boyle's Trainspotting owns "Lust for Life" — which Trance has plenty of.

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SherilynConnelly topcommenter

For the record, I am aware that England is a country, not a city. Honest.


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