"I would think it prudent to have at least one very well-sampled boring that went at least to that depth [42 feet] and maybe 10 or 20 feet below the maximum intended depth," Hamilton says. "You don't know what you're dealing with without information like that."

Muni spokesman Paul Rose noted that more borings for soil samples — which, hopefully, will go as deep or deeper than 42 feet — will be undertaken prior to construction, slated for next month. If need be, Rose adds, "the retrieval shaft will be amended as necessary to address those conditions."

Because the last thing anyone wants is non-consensual fracking.

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We need to have a popular vote on every detail of engineering in every project, because nobody knows better how to engineer than the readers of a weekly paper written by journalists who can't tell the difference between an engineer and a NIMBY waving crisis flags. 

The only way SF can be more dysfunctional is if we can involve more uninformed, ignorant, easily fooled proletariat into setting strict policy that prevents anyone with a specialized education from doing their jobs. And the best way to do this is to incite Fox-style fear and panic funded by opposition groups.


Damn fools won't be satisfied until a disaster is caused.

sebraleaves topcommenter

First time I ever heard of taking soil samples after signing the contract. Which side of the looking glass are we on?

awayneramsey topcommenter

@danieleran I could not help but notice the phrase “... easily fooled proletariat” in the essay. The proletariat of 1917 Russia, unlike anything in American society, was not inert, but progressive, helping the sick, poor and those who needed help, across ethnic differences; The Proletarian that not only emphasized, but utilized education through training and assiduousness, becoming the integral, well-trained engineers, technicians and public officials, that advanced to become the single most socially democratic country in the world, surprising even Karl Marx. That country was The United Soviet Socialist Republic.

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