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The Magic Plant
Previous beliefs about cannabis need to be done away with: Can someone imagine there is a possible cure for cancer ["'Miracle' Cannabis Oil" Chris Roberts, feature, 4/24]? Those puritan fears [about cannabis] are the only reason that people, who could otherwise be saved, are condemned to death; because some close-minded reactionary who probably was wrong about Russia, communism, civil rights, woman's rights, and war, now feels that it's impossible that the weed he's feared for so long, could have any medicinal benefits. Rather than admit that he was wrong about marijuana, mom, dad, brother, sister, son and daughters can die. It will be an evil weed until GW Pharmaceuticals decides it isn't.


Another reader isn't convinced cannabis holds the cure: Potheads will believe anything. Marijuana cures cancer. The so-called health nuts are always claiming something is a miracle drug. Hucksters all. They are desperate to convince the world that a vice is a virtue.


Collision Course
Reader wants it like the olden days: Before 1906 there were cable cars across the whole city and they worked fine ["Running of the Bull," Joe Eskenazi, Your Humble Narrator, 4/24]. Imagine if residents had a city of cable cars and pedestrians! How many accidents, how many lives would that save from dangerous car or bicycle crashes, or those lumbering behemoth Muni buses? A slower city would be a saner city, and traveling across town would never be boring again.


May be cable cars this time, but story is nothing new: What is new about inept, inefficient, and expensive civic amenities? If Muni doesn't cover it, some agency will, and the taxpayers will continue to foot the bill. Does Joe Eskenazi propose to move [the funds] somewhere else, and does he expect that to be more efficient?


Blog Comments of the Week

Obama should have to foot the bill for his visit: They should definitely bill the White House just as S.F. should ["Insanely Wealthy Bay Area Town Sends Obama the Bill for His Visit," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 4/25]. There is no reason that the citizens of these cities, where at least some percentage of people don't even support Obama, should have to pay for his never ending campaign trail. How rich or poor they are is besides the point. If Obama came to my city, I most definitely wouldn't want to pay for his increased security. Typical liberal post bringing in the wealth factor when that's completely beyond the point.


Reader wants government to focus on domestic issues first: I think society needs to help these people lead a normal life ["City Attorney Says 'Patient Dumping' Is a Problem for San Francisco," Kate Conger, the Snitch, 4/24]. Also, there are homeless veterans and people going hungry, this should not be going on in America. The U.S. government should be helping the people instead of helping other countries first.


New restaurant doesn't bother to scrape off old Michelin stickers: I'll bet if those were negative health department ratings from the previous tenant, they would have been gone long ago ["Why Does Coqueta Have Michelin and Zagat Stickers In Its Window?" Anna Roth, SFoodie, 4/22]!


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