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The Devil's Ride
Reminiscent of a past Californian writer: What a beautiful and poetic piece ["The Siege of Devil's Slide," feature, 5/1]! It's reminiscent of John Steinbeck; this new young California voice never disappoints, [such as this quote], "like an archer aiming just above the target in order to hit the bullseye." It's a wonderful history lesson of the long assault on Devil's Slide.


A Safe Bet
Lock up what someone can lock-and-load: Joe Eskenazi's head-scratching story about the Costco gun locker has a more serious issue behind it ["The Hurt Locker," News, 5/1]. Safe gun storage can save lives. [People] know that a person with a gun in the home is about three times more likely to be killed by gun violence than someone without. Putting that gun in locked storage can prevent accidental deaths and impulsive gun use. That's why S.F. mandates it. That's why state law requires it for homes with children. And that's why I'm proposing that the rules that apply for homes with children also apply when someone is in the home who is prohibited from owning a gun. If someone is a legal gun owner, we're not going to take his weapon, but we also want to make sure that it's not accessible to someone on the Armed Prohibited Persons System list. That's one of the things AB 500 would require. To me, it's just common sense.

Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, San Francisco

Joe Eskenazi responds: In light of Assemblymember Ammiano's letter, I feel obliged to note that my story did not weigh in on the pros or cons of essentially mandating gun locker ownership, instead focusing on peculiarities in local laws. The article, however, did note that the city's wording of what constitutes a "secure container" within which to store a gun is problematically vague.

Money Grabbers
Pay up for start-up help: These entre-philes are the same as pedophiles ["The Tech Dream Factory," Rachel Swan, News, 5/24]. They prey on the young and naïve. They steal their cash with the promise of funding that they can never deliver. The only investors that go to those things are there to spy on technologies to steal for their venture groups. Not only should someone never pay to pitch his start-up, but also he should sue anybody who tries to charge him to pitch his start-up for fraud.


Blog Comments of the Week
When concert ticket prices go out of control: Love [the post], all true including complimentary remarks ["A Letter to the Rolling Stones Regarding Their Absurdly Expensive New Tour," Rae Alexandra, All Shook Down, 5/1]. It's obvious that they live in some pretty rarefied airspace; certainly not on planet Earth. Certainly baby boomers won't pay those prices to see them now that they live on fixed incomes.


Money set for Muni showers seems better spent elsewhere: The people behind this plan are so full of it that their eyeballs are floating. ["S.F. Homeless Residents Can Finally Take a Shower ... on Muni," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 4/29]. Homeless people need shelter, and probably meds, before they need showers.


Critic needs to open her third eye: Oh no! A psychedelic band being experimental and not trying to appeal to writer's pop-formula-fried brain ["What Went Wrong with MGMT's New Single, 'Alien Days'?" Rae Alexandra, All Shook Down, 4/27]. She needs to learn how to open her third eye and then, perhaps, she'll understand why we need more bands willing to break free from the typical pop-rock mold. I'm glad that the new single disappointed her, that's what she gets for being a critic, hopefully alienation of "fans" like her will make their tour for this album less overrun with brain-dead teenyboppers.


Cooking up odd recipes: This woman goes to Istanbul and creates a Persian cookbook ["Discover the Joys of Persian Food With Cookbook Author Louisa Shafia," Anna Roth, SFoodie, 4/22]? Is this a joke? I am Persian and I find this to be very insulting. Next thing you know, people will think hummus is a Persian thing. Come to my house and I will make "California" Persian food, ha.



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