Are Annadroids Better Than Electric Sheep?

Plastic, fantastic, sarcastic robot dolls on the loose: Anna and the Annadroids presents Dullface, the newest quarter of their tetralogy Man(u)fractured. Anna Sullivan’s works are surrealist meditations on replication, mechanization, and objectification danced by a regiment of kabuki-faced cyber-marionettes. It’s geishas meet the funhouse, Dr. Coppelius meets Dr. Who, Betty Boop meets genetic cloning, all backed by electronic music by San Francisco’s ill.gates and Brooklyn’s Tonikom. With interactive video and athletic movements based on classical and street dance, Dullface is a spectacle meant to make you think about sexuality and the constant manufacture of the self in a consumerist society. Sullivan’s “digitally enhanced” pieces are playful but more than a little scary, conceptual works that draw on and play out pop culture dreams and nightmares.
May 29-30, 8 p.m., 2013

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