"Sightseers": A Serial Killer Vacation

From Shaun of the Dead onwards, the production team of Nira Park and Edgar Wright hasn't made a bum film yet. While their movies are not always hits — the financial failure of Wright's own Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is the great cinematic injustice of 2010, bar none, and Joe Cornish's Attack the Block deserves more attention than it got — their artistic streak continues with director Ben Wheatley's pitch-black little comedy Sightseers. The seers of sights are Chris (Steve Oram) and Tina (Alice Lowe), a socially awkward couple whose RV trip across England keeps getting ruined by the hell that is other people. Those people tend to wind up dead, first at the hands of accomplished killer Chris, and eventually by budding murderer Tina. Sightseers is the most modest and streamlined of the Park & Wright films, and the first to be largely free of special effects or conventional action, but with plenty of gore and a dark tone. It's not for all tastes, certainly, and it is deeply British — an early kill set to a recitation of William Blake's "Jerusalem" doesn't have quite the same resonance for American audiences, particularly yokels who refer to "caravans" as "RVs" — but Sightseers is a worthy addition to the Park & Wright canon.

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