Get ready for jazzy music, sexy dancing, and spectacular corsets and costumes, because Dita Von Teese is coming to town with her burlesque revue, Strip Strip Hooray! The modern-day Queen of Burlesque is known for her dancing prowess, her glamorous 1940s style, and her tiny waist. And the woman knows how to put on a show: You might see her dancing en pointe, splashing around in a clawfoot bathtub, or taking a bath in a giant martini glass on stage (she does a lot of bathing). She's even got a signature cocktail for her tour. You know you want to see her strip (mostly) down live. Here's your chance. She'll be dancing and slowly slinking out of her complicated outfits for the entire audience at the Fillmore, but if you focus your eyes really hard, maybe it'll seem like she's doing it just for you. Squeal!

June 26-29, 7:30 p.m., 2013
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