The Most Popular Incarnations of S.F. on Twitter

1. San Francisco Fog
Followers: 17,626
Started Aug. 5, 2010
Quite possibly the most famous account, @Karlthefog talks weather patterns and posts photographs via Instagram of the Bay Area. The success of this account is such that "Karl" has been adopted by many as the de facto name of the fog.

2. The Bay Bridge
Followers: 5,835
Started Aug. 23, 2010
The towering Bay Area unifier loves to tweet you back, and more importantly, apologize for its daily, dreadful traffic. When it's not being nice and wishing you a great day, it's comparing itself to the Golden Gate Bridge.

3. AT&T Park Seagulls
Followers: 3,066
Started Oct. 6, 2011
These loud, often scared, garlic-fries-loving birds have an impressive knowledge of Bay Area sports, and chew the fat on the latest happenings around Giants stadium. They know their stuff, and are extremely annoyed at fireworks.

4. Dolores Park
Followers: 2,562
Started Aug. 11, 2008
Although @DoloresPark hasn't tweeted since Oct. 26, it still outranks over 40 S.F.-based Twitter accounts. A scan of the Tweets are mainly "Oh yeah's" and That's what I'm talking about." She's not the most articulate Twitter, but she sure is hot.

5. SFSiren
Followers: 2,390
Started Nov. 10, 2009
You know that loud noise you hear every Tuesday around noon. That's just @SFSiren, yelling for attention. Check into this account if you want to know if a tsunami or earthquake is about to hit, even if it doesn't have much to say other than "waaaaa."

6. Transamerica Pyramid
@TransAmericaBdg Followers: 2,024
Started Nov. 28, 2010
Following this account will give you a pointed look at the highlights of life around the Financial District. Pretty arrogant at times, the pyramid flaunts its money and pointy-ness.

7. SF Cable Car
Followers: 1,228
Started Dec. 31, 2009
Those familiar dings heard the city are all over this Twitter account, with occasional references to its historical value and how people love to write about cable cars. Keep in mind, you cannot use Bitcoins at this location. @SF_CableCar seems to be pretty upset about that.

8. Waves_SF
Followers: 1,184
Started Sept. 27, 2010
Just roll with it. This Twitter account gives updates on the tides, temperature report, and the lows and highs of being the destination for acoustic guitars and flower-haired maidens looking for a spot to unwind.

9. SF Muni Train
Followers: 1,172
Started March 5, 2009
The train car chats about time updates, the odd people who trust it for their commutes, and maintains regular, quirky conversations with popular accounts, like @KarlTheFog and @SFBayBridge.

10. Sutro Tower
Followers: 1,168
Started Nov. 12, 2010
Sutro sees everything. This account offers information on the oddities of the city, as well as random retweets about Zombie Jesus and the Empire State Building, among others.

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