It's Not Just You -- It Is Getting Hot in Here

There are only two degrees of separation between a functioning Earth and environmental catastrophe — two degrees Celsius, that is. Berkeley law professor Andrew Guzman, author of Overheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change, sits down with Richard Joseph Jackson, a UCLA public health professor and host of PBS' Designing Healthy Communities, and Greg Dalton, founder of Climate One, to discuss the destructive effects of carbon pollution, famine, migration, and climate-driven disease — all caused by global warming. According to scientists, a temperature rise of two degrees would unleash these not-so-natural disasters, which seems likely at the growth rate of human society. The experts will discuss how to improve the health of our communities in light of this self-instigated apocalypse by initiating a clean energy economy and lifestyle to replace the burning of fossil fuels. With a lot of work, there may be a way to cool things down.

Thu., June 27, 6 p.m., 2013
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