"A Hijacking": Language Barrier on the High Seas

A Hijacking Tobias Lindholm's A Hijacking — an intense, narrowly focused thriller about a Danish cargo ship seized by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean — could probably be lauded as "The Stinkiest Movie of the Year!" Lindholm creates a claustrophobic and palpably boy-stinky environment in the small spaces in which ship's cook Mikkel (Johan Philip Asbæk) and a few other crew members are kept. Meanwhile, as the long-distance negotiations between the pirates' translator Omar (Abdihakin Asgar) and the company's Denmark-based CEO Peter (Søren Malling) by phone and fax stretch on, Peter's instincts as a dealmaker are stymied by his company's refusal to capitulate to pirates. A Hijacking is a sweaty pressure-cooker of a drama about men in untenable situations, made worse by the alienness of their adversaries, separated as they are by not only distance and technology (the echo of Peter's own voice on the speaker phone during his calls to Omar is strangely nerve-jangling), but also cultural and language barriers.

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