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Reader isn't a fan of farm occupiers: Seeing the way these guys planted and are watering their little garden, it is blatantly evident that, if this operation were all they had to live on, they'd be dead within a month ["Police Raid 'Gezi Gardens' in Hayes Valley; Seven Tree-Sitters Arrested," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 6/13]. That's kind of the way it is with parasites. Without the host, the parasite dies. And whoa! Didn't see the raid coming. Jeepers, I totally thought they'd just let these squatters live in the trees forever.


BART's naked acrobat needs help:This makes me sad that San Franciscans are enjoying this as a spectacle ["Yeiner Perez, Naked Acrobat Caught on Video at BART, Fired From His Circus Job," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 6/13]. This person needs mental health services, a community that actually cares for each other, and news sources (oh, I might be talking about SF Weekly) that don't capitalize off what they see as hilarious mental health issues. S.F. can do better, they really can.


Drunks at Zeitgeist will have to look elsewhere for food: Everyone knows the Tamale Lady. I understand the "permit" issues, but she's part of the community ["Sad Times: Tamale Lady Evicted from Zeitgeist," Pete Kane, 6/12]. Just another thing that keeps S.F. separate from the Anytown USA that San Francisco is surrounded by. Not to mention they are delicious! She, or somebody, will find a loophole for her. In the meantime, this isn't her only location. I'm still trying to understand some of the contents of the terminology of the article, such as "evicted."


Reader thinks concert review is off key: Was this the writer's first time at one of his concerts ["Rufus Wainwright Wins Over Davies Symphony Hall, 6/9/13, James Robinson, All Shook Down, 6/10]? He was fantastic, coherent, and definitely kept the standards of his concert at high notes. Who cares about what he is wearing? Seriously, were you expecting a fashion show? Get a grip!


Devils Advocate poses some questions: Devil's advocate here. Please report beyond the captivating headline ["Ex-BART Manager Dorothy Dugger Is Still BART's Highest-Paid Employee," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 6/10]. The writer is borderline Fox News here. I mean, don't many jobs allow employees to cash out their unused vacation time? Seems standard. Did she not legitimately accrue those hours? Was it a standard retirement package? This woman wasn't a manager like some Carl's Jr. manager who oversaw some fry cooks. She ran BART, no small task. Last week the Snitch ran an article about the plight of BART employees ["Even BART Agents Are Grossed Out, Terrified by BART," 6/3]. Did that only apply to hourly workers? I disagree with the notion that high-ranking public service workers shouldn't be paid accordingly. She should get every dollar of accrued vacation time she had. It's not "getting paid for doing nothing." It's getting paid for all the years she never took vacation. I got that at some bogus job I had in college. And the writer would want the same.


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