Summer Guide 2013: Great Bike Rides

Marin Brewing Day Trip

Ride out over the Golden Gate and down into Sausalito. Go north out of town to find the Sausalito-Tiburon bike path, and take a left on Blithedalve Avenue. Turn right on Camino Alto, and ride the two-lane country road up over the hill and down into Corte Madera. Turn right on Doherty Drive and continue as it turns into Lucky Drive — you'll find a way to cross the 101 Freeway. From there, follow the frontage road to Larkspur Landing, home of your destination: the estimable Marin Brewing Company. Relax with food and brews. And while you could ride home, why not simply take the ferry back? Marin Brewing Company, 1809 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur, CA, 461-4677, Larkspur Ferry:

Paradise Loop

This aptly named 40-plus miler follows the same route as above, but instead of taking Camino Alto to Doherty, you'll want to make an abrupt right at Tamalpais Drive. Take that straight over the 101 Freeway and continue as it turns into Paradise Road, which carves a lightly trafficked, gorgeous circuit around the Tiburon peninsula. You'll end up at Shoreline Park, which is a nice spot for a rest and a moment to take in the sweeping bay views. From there, continue out of town on Tiburon Boulevard, which becomes Blithedale and will return you to the Sausalito bike path.

Northern S.F. Loop

From the Ferry Building, cruise north along the Embarcadero, left at North Point street to avoid the Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf madness. Ride west toward the Golden Gate Bridge along Marina Green. Ride up the hill to that lovely orange bridge, enjoy the view, and from there cruise south on Lincoln, through Seacliff, and up to the Palace of Legion of Honor, the biggest hill on the trip. Ride from there down to Geary, then out to Lands End, taking your own lane on the long downhill to Ocean Beach. Savor the views once again, and then return through Golden Gate Park. If you go on Sundays, much of JFK Drive is closed to cars, making it great for relaxed riding and people-watching.

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