Name that Airflare

Believe it or not, the classic street-dance battle format can get a bit tired. The moves never lose their shine, but after awhile, it starts to feel like the same people rocking to the same songs played by the same DJs. Then there is always that one guy who has to call out the judges because he didn't win with his super airflare-windmill-double-headspin power move. But Creative Grounds Production is flipping the script with Gimme Da Loot. It's a street-dance battle with a game-show format. Think of it like a cross between a quiz show and America's Best Dance Crew. Sixteen dancers will be chosen from a preliminary round and split into four teams. The teams receive various challenges that test the competitor's dancing ability and knowledge of dance styles. The "urban dance DNA challenge" requires dancers to mix their prefered style with the style it has its roots in. So, for example, a house dancer might have to make a house routine that incorporates tap. Other challenges focus on teamwork, choreographing on the fly and, of course, breaking out your best airflare-windmill-double headspin.

Sat., July 13, 6:15 p.m., 2013
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