"One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das": A Rocker Turns Inward

One Track Heart: The Story of Krishna Das There are probably a lot of people who were almost in Blue Öyster Cult, but presumably only one of them went on to be a superstar of music heard in yoga studios. Unfortunately, the journey of Krishna Das (born Jeffrey Kagel) as he spends decades bouncing between India and America in this documentary is not especially engaging if you aren't already a fan of the man or his brand of Americanized Hindu devotional music. There's plenty of talk about Das's enlightenment, but it doesn't add up to much. (Notably, in a montage from his 2010 tour, a shot of Das's name on the marquee at the Warfield in San Francisco pans over to, and lingers on, the neighboring Crazy Horse nudie club. And...?) Without the extended musical performances, the already slim 72-minute movie feels like it would clock in around 45; that's also the length of an episode of Behind the Music, a model which One Track Heart might have benefited from following — especially when Das talks about his years of despair and heavy drug use following the death of his beloved guru Maharaji. The film does raise important questions about the very concept of enlightenment, but never properly addresses them, instead opting for another samey-sounding song.

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