Strong Silent Types

Sometimes it takes a proliferation of new loud movies to put the value of old silent movies in perspective. Power to you if you want to get busy with Grown Ups 2 or R.I.P.D. this weekend, but just be aware that the 18th annual San Francisco Silent Film Festival also is an option. That means yet more reliably vital stuff from cinema's early days, freshly adorned with live music. This year, as usual, they've got so many great names that saying them aloud seems like casting some magic cinema spell: "Ozu, Vidor, Sjöström, Pabst! Keaton, Chaplin, Garbo, Brooks!" Some of these names might be more immediately familiar than others, but is that not all the more reason to attend, for discovery's sake? The real magic is what separates the mighty withstanding relics from the mere wide-releases: They seem less disposable in retrospect.

July 18-21, 2013
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