Let the Actors Do the Talking

It's been more than a year since Action Fiction! started hosting professional actors performing the stories of local writers, and in that time the show has presented unusually high-caliber work in places as awesome as the William Westerfeld Mansion and atop Oakland's Tribune Tower. As with the last show (its anniversary, at which the actors performed a screenplay), Thursday will be sort of at home: Chicken John's warehouse Chez Poulet (which, as you might know, is just the place for such things). Featuring stories by writers as diverse as sci-fi master Terry Bisson, avant-garde poet, novelist, editor, and professor Maxine Chernoff, and fiction badass (and SF Weekly contributor) Benjamin Wachs (who is one of the curators, along with Scott Lambridis and W. Ross Ayers), the night promises to hit every part of the palette ­— and certainly won't lack for pomp.

Thu., July 25, 7 p.m., 2013
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