Frozen Kuhsterd Truck Mixes Up a Mission-Style Dessert

Now why didn't someone think of this sooner? Mission-based Frozen Kuhsterd food truck has come up with the ultimate neighborhood treat: the Mission Style Dynamo Donut Sandwich ($6.50).

The sandwich was the idea of Frozen Kuhsterd founder Jason Angeles, who was trying to come up with an unconventional new dessert. He was inspired by doughnut burgers; if they worked for beef, why not frozen custard?

Frozen Kuhstard started in 2011 as an underground street food vendor after Angeles was laid off from an IT job he'd held for a decade. He used the severance money to launch the business. "Frozen custard is a fresh style ice cream that is made with a higher egg yolk content and isn't inflated with ice or air like traditional ice cream," he explains. "The end result is a silky and creamier finish."

A visit to Dynamo, Four Barrel, and Frozen Kuhsterd all in one.
Lou Bustamante
A visit to Dynamo, Four Barrel, and Frozen Kuhsterd all in one.

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Frozen Kuhsterd

San Francisco
San Francisco / Bay Area, CA 94110

Category: Restaurant > Frozen Yogurt

Region: Mission/ Bernal Heights

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That velvetiness helps the doughnut/custard combination taste rich and concentrated without being overwhelming, more like morning coffee and doughnut interpreted through a summertime treat. The dessert starts with a custom maple-bacon doughnut from Dynamo Donuts (made with no hole), split in half, then filled with a soft slab of frozen custard infused with a jolt of Four Barrel Coffee, and topped with a dose of burnt caramel sauce.

The whole concoction is topped with bacon fat-sautéed apples and crisp bacon that add the perfect salty accent. It's not as intensely sweet as you would imagine, but it's just as heavy it sounds.

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