My, that's some lovely garbage

The Exploratorium's new waterfront home comes complete with fun summer activities for all age groups. One endeavor that should be on your radar right now is the Market Days series, which takes place on the third Saturday of each month through October. With the help of resident science gurus as well as guest creative artists and teachers, the center of wonder puts on programs and projects that connect to the larger community. This month's edition is called Trashformation, and focuses on the amazing, sometimes beautiful items that can be made with what most people would think of as garbage. Kids can make puppets and toy tops, while adults might learn how to crochet a rug out of rags. Inspiration will come in the form of a mobile spaceship classroom built out of found objects by students from the Bayview and Tenderloin neighborhoods. You may come away from the experience not only with a new art piece to enjoy, but with expanded thinking on the concept of waste.

Sat., Aug. 17, 11 a.m.-3 p.m., 2013
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