SF Weekly Letters August 7-13, 2013

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BART blame is shared by all: Listen: Everybody, including the public, is to blame for the BART organization being what it is ["BART Strike Notice Could Be Given Today," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch 8/1]. The public for not being involved in voting for its public representative (board director), the BART executives for not maintaining competent management, and the unions that feed off the workers' dues!


Jerry Garcia events should use their funds for something good: So, here's my question: What is the percentage of the profits that will be generated by these events that will be going to something that is verifiably good? E.g. The Grateful Dead Foundation, the local women's shelter, etc. ["It's Jerry Garcia Week in the Bay Area. Here's a Guide to the Many Celebrations," Devin Holt, All Shook Down, 7/31]. I know the LLC will take a cut, the promoters will certainly take a cut, the purveyors of tie-dyed merch will take a cut, the city will take a cut.

Look at the prices of all these events. The cheapest one is $10.50 and that's a movie made of a benefit! The rest are up to 200 bucks! It's a grand celebration of what? If "Casey Jones" is the theme song of someone's life and hearing a tribute band resplendent in tie-dye and pseudo-Native American regalia does it for some people, then fine, but the true cultural contribution is minimal. For those who can afford to go to these things — is it a noble event or simply entertainment? It's just like big-time wrestling or a rodeo. No difference; please spare me.


Reader didn't hear what the reviewer did: What show was writer Raymond Robles at? The article was totally backwards ["Deerpeople Bring Deep Textures and Gleaming Afros to Cafe Du Nord," All Shook Down, 7/31]. Does he really know what good music sounds like? I didn't know the audience had to dress up to go see a few rock bands at a bar. He should try to make his comments more about how all the people enjoyed the show and not himself. He obviously doesn't know good music.Brockettfm

Another reader also didn't care for the show's review: Could not disagree with this review more. The tacky, condescending tone of this thesaurus-fueled writer, not just towards Dig the Kid, but the audience, is puzzling. Witnessed quite the opposite Tuesday night — DTK was the performance of the night by far. Original songs, spot-on playing and energy through the roof left everyone buzzing. Guessing this exercise in adjectives Raymond Robles submitted as a concert review is really more about his musical taste than DTK.

Okay, so it wasn't his cup of tea. He did get one thing right — the crowd there loved them. "Truly loved them."



In last week's Your Humble Narrator column about BART's trademarks, Ben Depoorter was described as a professor at U.C. Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law. He is actually a professor at San Francisco's U.C. Hastings — and his daily BART commute is from Daly City to Civic Center, not Downtown Berkeley. SF Weekly regrets the error.

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