This just isn't a San Francisco aesthetic. Following public outcry, Otterness lost his Central Subway commission.

In San Francisco, you can ram through a logistically nightmarish transit project of questionable worth even as the estimated ridership and price tags cross each other headed in the wrong directions. But you're not going to decorate it with the work of someone who did something awful to a dog in the 1970s.

Fair enough. But at least foot-sore Central Subway patrons resting on benches could have consoled themselves by noting the artwork in front of them certainly wasn't the worst Otterness could do.

And then they could get up and keep walking. After all, "the idea is to get going."

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Otterness is a disgrace to artists and to human beings in general.

Anybody, at any time in their life, who thinks that shooting an innocent dog for "art" needs either treatment in a mental health facility or incarceration.

What a scumbag. And he deserves our tax money?

Genny Lim
Genny Lim

Taxpayers are left holding the bag once again.

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