(Beautiful) Boxes to Check

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Toomey Tourell

49 Geary
San Francisco, CA 94108

Category: Art Galleries

Region: North Beach/ Chinatown

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"Suggestion fatigue." It's a phenomenon of the modern age, where every website offers a million suggestions on what else you might like given your taste in music, books, movies, and other things. Art is no different. So painter Gregg Renfrow is probably sick of hearing that his art might appeal to those who love Mark Rothko. But, really, the comparison is a supreme compliment. Like Rothko, Renfrow infuses his abstract work with both warmth and coolness, both brightness and fog. Colors bleed and almost seem to disappear into nothingness. You want to stare at Renfrow's work, and stare hard. Renfrow's latest exhibition, "Recognition," opens Tuesday, Sept. 3, at Toomey Tourell Fine Art. The show is a chance to catch up with Renfrow's new canvases, like Swoon, a dazzling curtain of mostly red that — like all curtains — keeps some distance between the viewer and what lurks (and entices) behind.

Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Sept. 3. Continues through Sept. 30, 2013
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