Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous: Going Beyond the Cone

Ian Flores and Annabelle Topacio, better-known as Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, are masters of more than just ice cream. On a recent visit, while doubling up on scoops of Buttermilk Lime with Blackberry and the perfectly contrasting Ghost Pepper and Shochu, a few other craft confections made their way into our greedy hands. As if we needed another excuse to visit the Dogpatch shop.

In peanut brittle ($7/6-oz. jar, $14/12-oz. jar), roasted and salted peanuts are mixed into the sweet and crunchy chunks of caramel. Throw a little on a scoop of their sweet cream (or just about any flavor for that matter). Other brittle flavors include peanut and popcorn, sesame banana, almond, and pumpkin seed (seasonal).

The toasted Coconut Marshmallows ($1/piece) are what traditional marshmallows wish they could be. A generous dusting of toasted coconut gives wonderful texture to the classic campfire treat. Our s'mores will never be the same.

To make the sought-after puffs ($2.50/piece), Ian and Annabelle swirl vanilla marshmallows with salted caramel. The resulting square is perfectly chewy, surprisingly airy, and dangerously delicious.

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