Dancing Down The Rabbit Hole

We have all heard the story: When you die, you rush down a tunnel of memories towards a bright light. But when you purposely enter an altered consciousness, when you test the body's limits, taking it closer to death than life, what kind of tunnel might you slip down, and whose memories might be in it? Artists from Samuel Taylor Coleridge to The Doors have tried to represent the experience. Luis Paul Canales, also known as Strobe, presents a six-part dance called The Dark Tunnel Series at Dance Mission Theater about the agony and ecstasy of drug use. Following the experiences of one character he refers to as "the Innocent," he traces the euphoria of the first encounter with substances at a party scene to the subsequent insanity, devastation, and regret. Ultimately, it is a story of temptation that lasts a lifetime, told through athletic floorwork and release technique.

Sept. 13-14, 7 p.m., 2013
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