"Bounty Killer": Hunting Down the Corporate Leftovers

"You look like shit" has been called one of the most overused lines in movies, and the fact that it's uttered less than a minute into Henry Saine's Bounty Killer is not an accident. This picture knows exactly what it's doing and what it wants to be, and what it wants to be is a modern, and very silly, spin on the 1980s post-Mad Max "warrior of the wasteland" genre. Years after the Corporate Wars (timely!), the heroes of the post-apocalyptic hellscape are the titular badasses, tracking down and messily exterminating the remaining CEOs, usually by 'sploding their heads with shotguns. It just gets sillier from there, with famed bounty killers Mary Death (Christian Pitre) and Drifter (Matthew Marsden) in a race to discover the truth about something or other — and neither the plot nor the Deep Dark Secrets of the characters really matter, because Bounty Killer is all about the jokes and the cartoony action, including what sure looks like some live-action racing stunts mixed in with all the CGI blood. Never an audience endurance test like Hobo with a Shotgun or other such self-consciously ultraviolent genre throwbacks, Bounty Killer is just ridiculous, fast-paced fun in which even the presence of the wild-eyed Gary Busey is one of the least ridiculous elements.

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