Sizzle and Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Week in S.F. Music


We were relieved to find at Shoreline that Black Sabbath can still do what you want it to: Inspire whole arenas to head-bang and fist-pound and nod emphatically along to massive, brutal riffage. After a 15-minute drum solo, the band delivered a thunderous "Iron Man." If Sabbath's reunion needed any justification, that was it.

But then the Breeders put on one of the finest reunion shows we've seen, playing the albums Last Splash and Pod in their entirety (the latter just for San Francisco, as a thank-you to the city where the band once recorded). A smiling Kim Deal seemed newly happy in the wake of her decision to leave the Pixies — as good a move the second time around as the first.

The organizers of Summersalt proved that you actually can crowdfund a local music festival. Their Sept. 14 party on Wisconsin Street features acts like the Grouch and Eligh, Felix Cartal, Kill Paris, Big Black Delta, and more on two stages.


Swedish dance-pop duo Icona Pop — whom you know from the ever-present hit "I Love It" — was forced to cancel Friday's show due to Aino Jawo's illness. Turns out you have to care when the doctor orders you not to perform. The show will be rescheduled.

Just a reminder: Those milk crates holding your vinyl collection make you a criminal. In California, it's illegal to have more than five of them. Farmers claim they lose $80 million a year in the stolen boxes, which are worth about $4 each.

Ahead of Lil Wayne's big show in the Bay Area, we had to ask: What's with all his horrible tattoos? Sure, Weezy's got some good ones, but he's also got a few head-scratchers, including "92782" (his birthday) on his right forearm, and "ESPN" (yes, the sports network) on the back of his left arm. Glad we don't have to look at those every day.

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