"Bloody perfect" nicely encapsulates van der Wal's day at sea. He captured countless amazing shots of equally amazing boats and, two days later, was back home in Rhode Island and on to new adventures.

America's Cup boats barely touch the water. San Francisco, however, is under water.
Courtesy of Jeff Cable Photography
America's Cup boats barely touch the water. San Francisco, however, is under water.

San Francisco officials, however, are mandated to stick around and find a way to pay for all this. And, if Ellison's team wins — as is widely anticipated — perhaps we'll get to do it all again.

SF Weekly is grateful to Lowepro for providing the boat trip with Onne van der Wal.
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mblaircheney topcommenter

"So and So doesn't walk on water..." A phrase always used to say that 'so and so' is merely human. Present permutation of the AC 72 sailboats are not human, so, that sort of criticism does not apply... they do walk on water... literally. Lot of opinions about San Francisco hosted America's Cup race and the circumstances surrounding Larry Ellison's Team Oracle's decision to go with such cutting edge technology... Not all of it flattering. 
Controversy is nothing new to the America's Cup competition, complacency is. Lot's of 'Old Farts' working those boats, truly there for the love of the sport.
Now we fill the stadiums to watch drug riddled athletes compete, paid millions for their enhanced efforts... and fans spend 12 plus dollars on a hot dog and coke to wash it all down. , 
"In 1895, an estimated 65,000 people watched the 10th America’s Cup competition from boats off New York City, more than watched the Temple Cup – the postseason championship series in baseball’s National League – that year." from below link.


aliasetc topcommenter

Asshole Ellison should be held liable for all loses, and Newscum should be 86'd from the City. The City got fucked with no loving!

njudah topcommenter

Newsom and everyone else who pushed this giant fiscal turd upon the City should be publicly shamed and forced to be held accountable. No more promotions, no more campaign donations or anything for him and the lot that promoted this.

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