Bringing Spain to San Francisco

Autumn is upon us, and the soul in its seasonal melancholy may long for the wail of voices over gypsy guitar, the recalcitrant beat of the heels against the unrelenting earth, the fiery syncopation of hand claps and castanets. The soul may long to travel to Seville, to sit in a dusty square drinking sangria while dark-eyed ladies whip their flame-colored skirts and raise their delicate wrists in dramatic silhouette against the setting sun. If your soul longs, but your reason or your budget can't get you to Spain this time, get your flamenco fix in three weekends for the Bay Area Flamenco Festival/Festival Flamenco Gitano. Featuring stirring performances by Concha Vargas and Gema Moneo of Spain, as well as "godfather of Bay Area flamenco guitar" David Servas, the festival also includes workshops so the soul and the body can rest for winter.

Fridays-Sundays. Starts: Sept. 21. Continues through Oct. 6, 2013
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